There Are 7 Plants That Can Repel Cobra Snakes From Your House

There Are 7 Plants That Can Repel Cobra Snakes From Your House

The cobra is one of the deadliest types of snakes in the world. Therefore, many people learn how to get rid of cobras from their homes. Sometimes they also rely on professional Animal Removal service to get rid of these snakes from their houses. Fortunately, if you want to get rid of those snakes yourself, you can try several types of plants to chase them away.

These plants are effective in preventing cobra snakes from entering the house:

1. Marigold

Marigolds are generally planted to prevent pests. The roots of this plant can prevent the presence of ground mice.

Marigold roots emit a strong odor that can repel many pests and animals in the garden. A strong odor from marigolds will make pests not want to stay there. These pests can become prey to cobra and other snakes, so getting rid of them means getting rid of snakes too.

2. Mother in-law’s tongue

The mother in-law’s tongue plant can repel cobra snakes because of its sharp leaves. The mother in-law’s tongue looks scary to the snake.

It’s easy to plant it. This plant only needs to be watered three times a week and it can live for years. The tongue-in-law is used to prevent snakes in hot and cold climates.

3. Lemongrass

Besides being beneficial for medical purposes, lemongrass is also known to help keep snakes out of the living environment. Lemongrass produces a strong aroma that can block the way of snakes smell their prey.

Planting lemongrass on the edge of the fence will make the home page look beautiful and snakes will avoid them.

4. Garlic

The garlic plant has been used to repel snakes by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Snakes don’t like to creep on the leaves. Oil released by garlic can confuse snakes when creeping on those leaves.

5. Lavender

Lavender plants have a strong aroma. Rats and other rodents will not like to get close to lavender plants. The pungent odor of lavender will prevent snakes from coming too.

6. Mint plants

Mint plants are very easy to develop, and they spread quickly. Mint plants emit a distinctive aroma that is very strong. The aroma of the mint plant can keep snakes away.

The rough leaves also make snakes reluctant to pass through this mint bush.

7. Bitter leaf

Another snake repellent plant is the bitter leaf. This plant has a similar role as marigolds in repelling snakes. The bitter taste of leaves and roots keeps snakes away from this plant. If you spray a concoction of this leaf on a snake’s scales, it will cause the snake’s skin to swell.