Tree Maintenance for Critter Prevention

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Tree Maintenance for Critter Prevention

Are there plenty of trees in your property? If so, then you should know by now that these trees may be attracting critters into your home. However, you do not want to get rid of these trees because they have plenty of benefits too. Aside from the fact that they are very beautiful to look at, they filter out air pollution, give shade, and so much more. So that you won’t have to worry that means trees would be homes to critters that could be very damaging to your property, and you can call a tree maintenance contractor to help you out.

Birds are the only animals that live in trees. Many animals such as squirrels, bats, rats, and many others would hide in trees. When this is the case, you might not notice their presence and it might be to make before you can get rid of them. A full-on critter infestation could be very difficult to deal with.

Tree Trimming to Keep Critters Away

Tree maintenance is one of the tips that we would recommend for effective animal prevention for residential properties. The maintenance includes the trimming of the branches that are already overgrown and weak. When branches are overgrown, they are effective hiding places for all kinds of wild animals that can climb the tree.

Also check out these home building tips to keep critters away.

Call a Licensed Tree Service Contractor

While some homeowners would DIY this process just to save a few dollars, we would still highly recommend calling a licensed tree service contractor. These companies that are already equipped and experienced in performing all kinds of maintenance for different kinds of trees no matter how big or small will be able to help you out. Remember that tasks just like tree maintenance can be very risky. Without proper knowledge and experience, not mentioning the importance of proper tools and equipment, working on trees might result in damage to property and injury. So please make sure that you are calling professionals to help you out.

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Home Building Tips To Keep Critters Away

Wild animals and critters are some of the most dreaded problems of many homeowners. They can cause so much damage, can bring bacteria and viruses in the property, and may even attack and cause injury. Especially if you live in an area where critters are part of the normal, then it is essential to learn more about these home building tips to keep critters away.

When you hire a home builder for your brand new home or even if it’s just for a home renovation, let them know right away about your critter concern. The best way to stop animals from entering your property is by keeping them in mind in the first place while you are still building your home. This way, you won’t have to worry much about having to set up traps later on or seeing damage all-around your property brought about by these unwelcome critters.

If you’re unsure of the steps you need to take, get advice from your home builder. You can find some of those tips here. This is exactly why you should be hiring a reputable and credible home builder that can give you the best recommendations. Perhaps they can tell you to build fences around your property line. The homebuilder may also suggest windows and doors that would keep your home well ventilated yet sealed enough to keep the animals from entering indoors.

Another great way to keep critters away is to have clean storage or shed space built. This way, there won’t be any clutter lying around where wild animals many hide. This also makes it easier for you to keep your home’s surroundings clean and organized. By keeping these home building tips in mind, then you won’t have to worry much about critters coming to your property.

And when you do encounter some animals coming into your property, here’s information on where to find an animal removal pro.

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Why Wild Animals Like Building Homes in Your Attic

wild animals atticAmong the most common places where you can usually find wild animals is in the attic. For many reasons, the attic is one of their favorite places to build their own shelter. Many times, this goes unnoticed because the attic is rarely visited in homes.

As much as possible, wild animals would want to be left alone. They also do not want you catching them, capturing, and trapping them. However, there are times that the wild is already unsafe for them. There are also times when they are having a difficult time looking for food in the wild.

And so, many of these wild animals wander into private properties to look for food and shelter. If they go unnoticed for quite some time and nobody is trying to capture them, there’s a high possibility that they will reproduce and multiply. Before you know it, you are already faced with an infestation or even some damages to your property. There are signs of animal presence in attic, and once you notice these signs, you should immediately call for help from a licensed animal removal contractor.

You have to be careful though when trapping wild animals on your own. There are some ethics of wildlife management and conservation to follow. Some wild animals are protected by the law so if you kill them or hurt them, you might even be faced with a lawsuit. So you have to be very careful. This is also the best reason why you should just get help from licensed professionals to get the animal out of your property.

The attic is a favorite among wild animals because it is quiet, rarely visited, usually warm, and dark, which is perfect for them when they want to hide. One of the best tips to keep them out is to ensure that all windows and openings to the attic are closed tightly and that you clean this area of your home regularly.

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Effective Animal Prevention for Residential Properties

effective animal preventionOne of the most difficult challenges homeowners would have to face, especially if they live in an area where the weather is lovely almost all year, are critters coming into their property. Wild animals are called wild for a reason – they aren’t domesticated, they can’t usually be tamed, and they’re most definitely dangerous. Therefore, if you already know that critters would frequent your neighborhood, then you must learn more about effective animal prevention for residential properties.

Many critters are attracted to residential communities even if it can be dangerous for them as well because of the difficulty of finding food and shelter in the wild. Rats, bats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, and snakes are only some of the most common critters found in homes that you should watch out for because they wouldn’t think twice about coming into your property especially when they’re hungry and they have young ones to feed.

The very first thing to remember when it comes to animal prevention is to keep your property clean and organized. Garbage can be a great source of food for these critters and they would be more than happy to rummage through open trash cans and clutter that you leave laid out all over the place. So in order to stop them from coming to your property, begin by cleaning up.

If there are any openings or possible entry points to your house, you must seal them right away. For example, if there are broken window screens or holes in the walls, then you should have them fixed as soon as possible. If there are areas outside your home such as a garden shed or a broken car that stays in the garage, make sure that it is also properly closed and locked so that critters wouldn’t live in it.

Lastly, anytime you suspect a critter in your property, make sure you’re calling help from an animal removal contractor right away. Even before it becomes a serious critter problem in your house, solve the issue right away.